Middle School Public Speaking and Argumentation


he primary goal of the Public Speaking and Argumentation program is to empower students through public expression to become better thinkers, speakers, writers, listeners, and leaders. Students in this program will explore and develop their thinking and speaking skills through games and exercises involving public speaking (impromptu and prepared), as well as group problem-solving and discussion. Students will be exposed to and learn of all the formal styles of debate (Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Policy Debate) as well as other communication based activities. Students will learn to cope with speaking anxieties, to organize and support their ideas, to critically evaluate and respond appropriately to the ideas of others, and to deliver effective messages. While the format and content will not directly prepare students to participate in competitive debate or forensics, it may serve as a precursor to such participation.

This program is appropriate for students of all ages, but especially rising 6th-8th graders.

Sample Schedule

9:30am-10:30am, Lecture on Ethos, Pathos and Logos
10:30am-12pm, Research Tips and Practice Drills
12pm-1pm, Lunch
1pm-2pm, Topic Lecture on Nuclear Power
2pm-3:30pm, Topic Debates

Potential Curriculum

Intro to Public Speaking
Intro to Argumentation
Ethos, Pathos, Logos
How to Use PowerPoint
How to Research

Poetry/Dramatic Reading
Extemporaneous Speeches
Descriptive Speeches
Informative Speeches
Narrative Speeches

Informal Speeches:
Tongue Twisters
Pet Peeve Speeches
Hot Air Balloon Game

Informal Debates:
Table Debates
Stakeholder Debates (different groups)
One-Point Debates
Three-Point Debates

Formal Debates:
Public Forum

Group Projects:
Shark Tank
Stakeholder Debates (different groups)

Other Presentations:
Formal Presentations (with PowerPoint)
Mock College/Job Interviews

2019 Dates

Week 1 – June 10 – 14
Week 2 – June 17 – 21
Week 3 – June 24 – 28

Times: 9:30am to 3:30pm

Registration & Tuition

Registration is not complete until an application and non-refundable deposit of $100 has been received.

Click Here to Apply Online


One Week – $500
Two Weeks – $800
Three Weeks – $1,050

Tuition includes quality instruction and materials that are unique to the Hurricane Debate Institute. Students will receive written assessments of their skills and areas for improvement. Students will also receive a t-shirt and certificate of completion. Lunch and snacks will be provided daily.

UM Discount: Employees of the University of Miami will receive a 10% discount

Sibling Discount: $50 discount for the 2nd sibling, $75 discount for the 3rd sibling (and onward)

Questions? Please call 305-281-2705 or email hurricanedebate@gmail.com