UM Debate Connects Internationally with iDebate Rwanda

UM Debate Connects Internationally with iDebate Rwanda

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On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, the UM Debate hosted a hybrid public debate with iDebate Rwanda. While the Rwanda team was unable to travel, UM Debate used Zoom to hold the debate and invited members of the UM community to watch in Shoma Hall in the School of Communication. Although this is the first time UM Debate has hosted iDebate Rwanda virtually, UM has hosted them on campus before, the last time in 2018. Due to being in different time zones, the Rwandan debaters were debating at 2am – showing real dedication!

The topic was, “This House would grant those with terminal the right to access medical treatments that have not completed clinical testing”. UM was affirmative and the three debaters – Leah Castaneda, Delphine Djomo, and John Oliva – argued that it was an ethical imperative to allow people to have access to medicine the could potentially save someone’s life. On the negative, the iDebate Rwanda debaters argued about the damage to clinical trials that could result and pushed on who would pay for the treatments.

iDebate Rwanda in a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of young Rwandans and East Africans by promoting reconciling differences with dialogue and not violence. You can read more about iRwanda on their website:

03 May 2022